Bridges in Vaigai River

Bridges are not only physical constructs…but philosophical constructs also. Some philosophically prefers bridges over walls without realizing bridges are nothing but walls modified. Is it not so?

The “connection” that bridges normally provides between two parts has its own mystic effect. It not only connects, it modifies certain, destroy certain, it illuminates certain, it drives away certain, it creates certain conflicts, it encourages corruption…it alter the human psyche and consciousness. Ask Rameshwaram islanders, they divide the island’s time line into before the construction of Pamban bridge and after the construction of Pamban bridge.

Bridge Quotes

“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn”
“Education is all a matter of building bridges”
“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”
“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.”
“Being nice is one of many bridges on the road to Happiness.”
“Love builds bridges where there are none.”

When engineers construct bridges, along with mortar, social ethos are also get mixed up without their knowledge to make it as a symbol of the time.

Bridges in Vaigai River

River Vaigai has seen many bridges over it. The first bridge I have used it is in Kunnoor near Theni. I am a man of Vaigai Water. Of all the bridges constructed over Vaigai River, my first vote goes to the erstwhile Yanaikkal Kalpaalam. It was the first to connect the north and south of Madurai. Maduraites might have seen how lovely & dynamic it was. Bridges are built to pass over. But Kalpaalam was designed not only to pass over, but also to pass over poverty for many by generating livelihood opportunities. It invited everyone to use it.

Thanks to our policy makers, when they decided to construct a new over bridge, they have not completely destroyed Kalpaalam.. instead modified it to make the present to meet the past.

Bridges in Vaigai river within Madurai city fascinated me. I made an attempt to portray it. Those who are better endowed than me are invited to improve upon this, because these bridges deserve better tribute >>>>>>> more on bridges in Vaigai

I acknowledge Mr. Karunakaran (2003) and Mr. Udayakumar (2009) MSW –Community Development students for their field work support


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